October is Here

Tuesday October 1, 2013

By Kimberly Kunaniec

Continuing on yesterday's post, I kind of hate when fall and winter holidays show up in August. I don't need to buy Halloween candy or Christmas decorations in August. Let's be honest - if you buy holiday treats two or three months early, they aren't going to last through the holiday. But October is here. Let's bring on the holiday desserts!

One of my favorite holiday flavors is peppermint ice cream. While you can buy great versions at the grocery store, make yourself something a little different by putting together a chocolate peppermint ice cream. It's a chocolate twist on one of the best Christmas flavors. Use some crushed candy canes to add texture and flavor.

If you are looking for Halloween and Thanksgiving flavors, check out these five fun flavors to celebrate the fall. Apple, maple and pumpkin are some of the most traditional fall flavors, but you can turn them all on their heads by using them in great frozen dessert recipes.


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