Healthy Dessert Ideas

Sunday November 3, 2013

By Kimberly Kunaniec

So the holidays are coming. I've lost about 30 pounds in the last year and have no intention of putting them back on. But this means that I either have to sacrifice the sweets, only eat a tiny bit, or find a way to make them healthier. One of the ways I will be coping with all the entertaining is by keeping healthy frozen desserts on hand.

One of my favorite healthy desserts is sorbet, particularly tropical mango sorbet. It's creamy and indulgent, but the basis is real fruit. Even though you have added sugar, you also have the vitamins and minerals from real, fresh fruit. While it may not be my dessert on Thanksgiving, it'll help balance out that pumpkin cheesecake without giving up the things I love. I just have to make sure to send home the leftover cheesecake with my guests!


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