Online Resources

Wednesday April 10, 2013

By Alexis Jones

Long gone are the days when teachers shopped for hours in the local teacher supply story for lesson idea books. Now we all have resources at our fingertips! The only challenge here is being able to sort through the 130,000 sites you see in front of you when doing an online search for "multiplication" or "formative assessment".

If you haven't already discovered Pinterest, I highly recommend checking it out very soon! While it is engaging enough to suck the time right out of your day, you'll find incredible pictures, book reviews, and lesson ideas from teachers just like you. While there are a lot of lesson collections out there, I personally love being able to see an actual picture of a completed learning center or bulletin board.

Happy searching! Please leave comments with some of your other favorite sites, and I'll be sure to create updated blog posts with your ideas!


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