Fashion Plate or Restaurant Plate? Both Are Hits Among Mobile Consumers

Thursday November 15, 2012


Whether you're using your well-honed mobile couponing skills to get a break on your favorite fashions or you're trying to cut down your restaurant bills, you happen to be among the majority of mobile couponers.

A Sept. 18, 2012 Chitika Insights Report indicates that during a one-week study period, 28% of mobile coupons were spent on clothing, 22% went toward restaurants, 17% were given to retail stores, and 12% to arts and crafts. Rounding out the list, the categories of home improvement, entertainment, sports, and "general coupons" represented under 10% each of mobile coupons that consumers used.

Of course, with the holidays approaching, those generic "retail" numbers may jump as those stores see business booms, particularly in categories such as toys and other hot holiday items.

And since our readers are clearly fans of mobile devices, it's interesting -- and a bit ironic -- to note that although it's obvious that consumers are increasingly using cell phones to find deals, none of the top areas for mobile deals in the survey included wireless or technology companies.

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