Torrey Kim


Mobile Coupons & Deals Topic Writer


Torrey Kim is passionate about both bargain-hunting and technology, and she has combined those interests with great enthusiasm now that mobile couponing has become widely accepted. She has written extensively on this subject in publications such as "Guide to Phone Apps" and "Savings Comparison."


Torrey holds a bachelor’s degree from American University and a master’s from Wesleyan University.

From Torrey Kim:

You may have seen me in line recently at your favorite store—I was the person letting people go in front of me as I feverishly searched for mobile coupons to use before I made my way to the register. I take great pride in sharing my knowledge of mobile coupons and deals with my friends, because I despise paying full price for anything. My greatest mobile-saving accomplishment so far was when I used deals I found on my own cell phone to acquire a free smartphone for my son. Keep reading and I’ll show you how I got this deal, and how you can get many more just like it.


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