Reusing What You Already Have

Thursday July 12, 2012

By Jami Delia

If you're planning on deep cleaning and organizing your home this summer, sort through your recycle bin before making a trip to the store.

Instead of buying plastic bins, containers or decorative boxes, turn your recyclables into decorative home organizational containers. You can transform jars into storage containers, cans into a pencil holder and a cardboard box into a recycling bin. You can even decorate your items with a little bit of paint, decorative paper or fabric to give it a splash of color or to match your decor.

Not only does reusing what you already have in your home save you money (it's usually free!), it's also great for the environment!

What everyday items in your home do you like to use for home organization? Do you have any tips and tricks for reusing recyclable items?


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