Refurbishing Vintage Globes

Tuesday October 29, 2013

By Jami Delia

I've been searching for months for a good quality, vintage globe at thrift stores and garage sales across the state. I finally found luck last weekend when I made a quick stop at my local thrift store. Lo and behold, a beautiful globe sat on a cart waiting to be put on the shelf. I immediately asked the clerk if I could purchase it and the price. I was astonished at the $3.99 price tag. I couldn't grab it quick enough!

After I brought the globe home, I noticed it needed a bit of work. Some of the map was rubbed off (which happens often to raised globes), the pedestal had some scratches and the sealant had yellowed. Instead of giving up on my obsession to have a globe, I decided to refurbish it to make it like new again.

Do you remember using globes as a child? Do you still have one or have been searching for one?


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