Peaks, Ridges and Valleys

Wednesday July 31, 2013

By Christophor Jurin

Each of our lives is made up of a series of peaks and valleys. These highs and lows are linked together and become the pattern of our lives. Good news! Your roof system is constructed in much the same way. It is also made up of these peaks, ridges and valleys. These areas are linked together to create your roof system in a fashion very similar to how our lives are developed.

Shingle roof showing ridges, valleys, and peaks.

Peaks, ridges and valleys are details that are used to handle transitions from one plane or surface in a roof system to another. Each detail helps the roof system to transition from one surface to another to protect the building and its contents. The better the transition is handled between the surfaces of the roof the more stable the transition and the better the performance of the overall roof assembly.

Diagram of sloped roof area showing ridges, valleys and peaks.

If the transitions are not handled well, problems develop and over time they become more and more severe. These transition details are used to channel snow, rain and other moisture towards the edges of the roof system and away from the interior of the building. If the details are not handled and flashed correctly, the damages to the interior of the building can be significant. Problems such as building deterioration and mold develop and compromise the building's ability to function properly.

As in life, the proper attention to details at the transitions can prevent severe problems from occurring. Life's transitions include marriage, starting a family and retirement. Each of these transitions is made easier when we plan for them and address the key details associated with them. The key to a quality life and a quality roof system is to address the details. By focusing on the details, the areas come together and provide the protection that our buildings and our lives need to function correctly.

Photo © Shingle roof.

Photo © Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. Diagram of ridges, valleys and peaks on sloped roof system.


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