Algae Growth on Roofs

Wednesday August 14, 2013

By Christophor Jurin

Roofing systems are a favorite place for algae and other organic growth to take hold. This growth looks unsightly and can eventually harm the life expectancy of your roof system. It can reduce the curb appeal of your home and can raise concerns for potential buyers if you attempt to sell your home or your building. If you know that certain portions of your building are prone to this type of growth, it is best to take precautionary steps to prevent the growth from beginning.

Moss Growth on Roof

There are various steps that can be taken to prevent the growth from occurring. It is first important to understand where these areas of growth can occur. The areas that are most prone to algae growth are areas of the building which do not receive direct sunlight and which do not dry out quickly after rainfall. It is recommended that you look at your building or home during various times of the day and pay attention to the patterns of sunlight exposure to see if there are areas of the roof which may be prone to this type of growth.

Once you have located areas of concern, you will need to determine if these areas already have growth occurring. If organic growth such as algae is already present, it is best to remove these areas of growth with a mild algaecide. Be certain that any type of cleaner used complies with government regulations and that it does not filter into your well if you have a well on your property. Be careful to use a method which does not harm the shingles or other type of roof system while attempting to remove the algae growth.

After removing the algae, you will need to incorporate a zinc strip or other type of algae preventative measure into your roof system. Zinc strips allow rainfall to wash over the strips and wash across the roof system helping to prevent algae growth from beginning.

Have you experienced algae growth on your roof system? How did you eliminate it?

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