Incredible Close Win in Women's Olympic Triathlon

Sunday August 5, 2012

By Triathlon Guide

LONDON - It doesn't get any closer than the finish of the Women's Olympic Triathlon.

How close was it? Both gold and silver medal winners posted the same finish time of 1 hour 59 minutes and 48 seconds.

In the end, Nicola Spirig of Switzerland edged pass Lisa Norden of Sweden in a dramatic sprint. A photo finish was required to determine the winner.

The margin of difference: 5.9 centimeters.

The race proved to be one of the most thrilling triathlon races of recent years. In many ways, it reminded me of the Iron War between Dave Scott and Mark Allen Ironman World Championship race in Kona, Hawaii. In that race, like the Women's Olympic Triathlon, it came down to a sprint race.


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