Eggplant - The Most Popular Turkish Fruit

Thursday July 12, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Are you passionate for anything made with eggplant? Then you'll be happy to know that eggplant is one of the top 10 ingredients in Turkish cuisine and is the most widely used fruit after the tomato.

Eggplants are fire-roasted, grilled, fried, baked and used in everything from stovetop and grilled main dishes, vegetarian dishes, appetizers or 'meze,' as a filling for pastries and even to make pickles and jam.

To find out more about the importance of eggplant in Turkish cooking, read 'Ode to the Eggplant.'

To prepare fire-roasted eggplant for use in many Turkish recipes, check out How to Fire-Roast Eggplants.

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