Keep It Simple With Plain Yogurt

Friday August 31, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Are you a fan of plain yogurt? Or are you a fruit-and-granola-type yogurt person? Either way, stop eating yogurt from a cup and try something new.

Check out Turkish cuisine. It will give you great ideas for using yogurt in your daily cooking.

Yogurt is a staple in Turkey. It's eaten at almost every meal as a topping or side dish, as a dressing for salads, and for breakfast and dessert.

Turkish people even drink yogurt as a soft drink, called "ayran" (ai-RAHN').

Here's how to make it:

  • 1 cup plain yogurt

  • about 1.5 cups plain water

  • salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients together well and drink the ayran ice cold. It's really refreshing on hot days and goes well along with grilled meats.

Turkish yogurt is especially famous in the Black Sea region where dairy products are rich and nutritious due to great grazing. It can be found everywhere from corner markets, bazaars to supermarkets. Many people also choose to make their yogurt fresh daily.

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