24-Hour Fast Food Satisfaction

Friday August 31, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

If you've ever travelled to Turkey, I'm sure you had the chance to sample the endless varieties of street food. The streets of Istanbul are a midnight snacker's dream. And it's all available 24 hours a day!

Everthing from grilled lamb strips wrapped in bread, grilled meatballs called "kofte" (koeuf-TAY'), grilled intestines sprinkled with oregano, baked potatoes with rich toppings, fried mussels and fish sandwiches are all there for the tasting. Turkish fast food, or street food, is a culture and cuisine all its own.

Many types of fast food are sold by simple, one-man street vendor carts to the fanciest restaurants. Many local companies have a franchise system, so alongside the burgers and fried chicken we know, you have kofte (grilled meatball) shops and stores selling spit-roasted whole chickens.

If you're a pizza lover, sample the Turkish versions of pizza, one with cheese called "pide" (pee-DEH'), a good example of Black Sea regional cuisine, and the other from the Southeast with no cheese, minced meat, onions and Italian parsley called "lahmacun" (lah-mah-JUN').

Whatever your secret craving may be, and whatever time of day, street food in Turkey will be sure to satisfy you. To learn more about Turkish street food, read my latest article called Street Food Turkish Style.

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