Kid-Friendly Squash Fritter Recipe

Sunday September 30, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Is getting your kids to eat vegetables a constant uphill battle? Here is a recipe that can help.

Turkish zucchini and carrot fritters are perfect for the little ones. They are just the right combination of mild flavor and tenderness kids go for.

When they are cooked up just right, they are the size of small pancakes so they are easy to handle, too. Kids love to eat them with their hands.

Whenever I make them, I always have extra to keep in fridge for snacks and lunchboxes. Just because this recipe is kid-friendly, it doesn't mean adults won't love it too.

In fact, in Turkey, this is a "grown up" recipe. It's usually served as a "meze" or starter before the main course. It's most common in the Aegean regions of the country and a good example of Turkish regional cuisine.

You can make the traditional version of this dish quite fancy too. Serve it up on decorative plates garnished with garlic yogurt and chopped fresh dill weed to add flare to any meal.

If you've got zucchini in your garden and a carrot or two on hand, try this recipe for Turkish squash and carrot fritters and please the whole family.

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