Turkish Savory Tea Cookies Are A Salty Treat

Wednesday October 31, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Years ago, when I attended my first tea party at a neighbor's house in Turkey, I was amazed at the amount and variety of cakes, cookies and pastries served at tea time. That day, all the guests brought something to share.

While the ladies were chatting away, one plate in particular caught my eye. On it were the most beautiful cookies I had ever seen.

It was evident someone took the time to form each intricate braid and knot by hand and bake them to golden perfection.

I took one to have along with my tea. What I expected was a sweet, soft cookie much like the others on the table.

What I got was a delightful, salty, soft yet crunchy biscuit covered with sesame seeds. Later, I learned that these "salties," or "tuzlular" (tooz-LOO'-lar) are very common at tea time.

I was even more delighted to see them sold in bulk by most pastry shops and bakeries. Now, I too make Turkish savory tea cookies, or "salties," to serve at parties, as snacks and of course, at tea time. Try going salty instead of sweet next time you bake cookies for your family and guests.

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