If You Like Celery, You'll Love Turkish-style Celeriac

Thursday November 29, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Have you ever wondered what that white, gnarly root vegetable is? You know, the one at the green grocer stashed next to the turnips and rutabaga that smells like celery?

You've discovered celeriac. Often lovingly called the ugly duckling of the celery family, celeriac is prized, not for its stalks, but for its root.

Once you peel away the rough exterior, what you have is a lovely, white and frangrant root vegetable that is much lower in carbs than many others of its kind. Celeriac can be cooked many ways and is especially delicious in soups and salads.

One of my favorites is this recipe from Turkey for celeriac cooked in olive oil. It's a very simple dish with only a few ingredients that really lets the taste, texture and aroma of the celeriac shine through.

In Turkey, like many cold vegetable dishes, celeriac cooked in olive oil is served as a side dish along with the main course, or eaten alone in larger portions for a vegetarian meal. If you love the taste and aroma of stalk celery, you'll definitely appreciate this dish.

I put this dish on my list of Turkish recipes that can be incorporated into holiday menus. It goes very well with roasted turkey and stuffing, and all the other trimmings.

Try it this Thanksgiving or Christmas and add some Turkish flavor to your holiday table.

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