Serve Milky, Buttery Turkish-style Mashed Potatoes This Holiday Season

Thursday November 29, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Are you a meat and potatoes person? Or better yet, just a potato person? Then you'll love this recipe for mashed potatoes with a Turkish twist.

In Turkey, mashed potatoes are called "patates puresi" (pah-tah-TEHS' peur-ay-SEE') which means "potato puree."

Turkish folks are very particular about the consistency of their potato puree. It should never be too firm or too watery, and certainly never sticky. How much to stir, or not to stir? That is the question.

First, boiled potatoes are mashed by hand with lots of butter, then cooked with milk without much stirring at all, and never blending or whipping. Next, more or less milk is added according to taste to get the desired consistency.

The result is a warm and delicious mash that is chunky and creamy all at the same time.

I've actually grown to like Turkish potato puree better than classic mashed potatoes. It's real comfort food and kids love it too.

I like to serve potato puree with roasted chicken or turkey and gravy, meatloaf with lots of sauce, and other meat dishes that are saucy or juicy.

Turkish-style potato puree is also a good recipe for the holidays and goes perfectly well with Thanksgiving turkey, roasted goose, or ham, lamb and pork roast.

Try this recipe for Turkish-style mashed potatoes anywhere you would serve mashed potatoes and give your family a rich, warm and buttery treat.

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Photo © Elizabeth Taviloglu, 2012


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