Try This Turkish Soup Named After A Legend

Saturday December 1, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Can you imagine a hearty and nutritious soup so delicious that it's named after a legend? What if I told you it also has a Turkish folk song written in its name? What may seem like a spiced-up version of red lentil soup to some, is called Ezogelin soup in most parts of Turkey.

I've always wondered what stories lay behind the interesting name. In Turkish, "Ezo" is the nickname of a beautiful girl and "gelin" (gel-EEN') means "bride."

Can you guess where this story is heading? I won't tell you the rest of the tale.

You'll have to read the recipe for Ezogelin soup which also tells the whole story. I will tell you that you should definitely try this soup, whether the story behind it interests you or not.

Ezogelin soup is a hearty, thick soup made with red lentils, rice and bulgur and spiced up with lots of hot red pepper flakes and mint. It's perfect on cool, wet days.

A large, steaming bowl of Ezogelin soup and some crusty bread will fill you up and warm your bones. Maybe that's why this recipe was the favorite of Ezo, the beautiful bride.

Go ahead and try this classic recipe for Turkish Ezogelin soup and let a bit of Turkish culture into your life while you enjoy a great bowl of soup.

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