Try Turkish-style Tomato Soup With Your Next Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Saturday December 1, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Do you remember those rainy days from your childhood, when a grilled cheese sandwich and a warm bowl of tomato soup would cheer you up better than anything? If you want to bring back memories of creamy, tangy tomato soup I have the perfect recipe for you.

Tomato soup made Turkish-style is easy to prepare with only a few ingredients. What's more, it has much less salt and more vitamins than canned or powdered tomato soup and kids love it.

There are many ways to make it. You can use fresh tomatoes and grate them, or you can use canned tomatoes and puree them. If you have neither on hand, you can also use a few spoons to tomato paste to make a delicious and nutritious tomato soup.

My favorite base is actually tomato juice. It's the perfect color and consistency to make soup, especially if you're in a hurry.

Just thicken the soup with flour, add your spices and milk and heat it through. Don't forget to top it with a large pinch of grated mozzarella or Turkish kashar cheese for the final touch.

The cheese melts on top and gets stringy as you eat your soup. It's all part of the fun. Try this recipe for Turkish-style tomato soup and bring back some old childhood memories. Your kids will love it too.

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