Meatballs As Meaty As A Woman's Thigh

Friday December 28, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine is famous for it's grilled meats, meatballs and kabobs. Did you know that one of the tastiest and most popular versions of the meatball is named after a female body part?

I'm talking about "kadin budu kofte" (kah-DUN' boo-DOO' kuf-TAY'), or lady's thigh meatballs. There are many ideas about why these meatballs got that name, but most conclude that they are simply plump and meaty enough to resemble the thigh of a hefty woman.

Ladies thigh meatballs are great for family meals and kids love their mild flavor with a hint of allspice. Besides their name, there are two other reasons these meatballs are truly unique.

The first is that rather than using stale bread or breadcrumbs to bind them, cooked rice is kneaded into the meat mixture along with some allspice and other spices, making the ground beef especially fragrant and tender.

The second reason is that these meatballs are not just thrown on the grill or skillet to cook. First, the raw meatballs are dusted with plain flour, then dipped in beaten eggs before frying them in hot oil.

The flour and egg create a tender, golden crust around each meatball, sealing in all the juices as they cook. The result is a tender and fragrant meatball different enough for company. Try lady's thigh meatballs and surprise your family with meatballs as meaty as a woman's thigh.

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