Sink Your Teeth Into Pure Chestnut Pleasure This New Year

Sunday December 30, 2012

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

New Year is my favorite season in Turkey. It's not because of all the parties, celebrations and high hopes for the coming year.

It's because one of my favorite Turkish candies will appear in the shops any day now! I'm waiting for the rich, tender chocolate-covered balls of chestnut puree called "karyoka" (car-yo-KAH').

I wait patienty all year long for chestnut season and the arrival of these luxurious, tender treats. Each chestnut-shaped, bite-sized confection is rich and melts in your mouth.

Karyoka are great with coffee and are fancy enough to grace any holiday table. I like to put them in pretty candy cups or arrange them in decorative boxes and give them as gifts.

Although karyoka are most often seen in the fanciest Turkish candy shops, they are actually easy to make and many home cooks prepare them for their chestnut-loving guests.

So you don't have to wait. Try this recipe for Turkish karyoka, or chocolate-covered chestnut puree and get a taste of why chestnuts hold such a coveted position in Turkish cuisine.

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