Finger Food That's Actually Good For You

Tuesday January 29, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

I went to a dinner party a few nights ago where they served Turkish vegetarian meatballs, or "mercimek koftesi" (mare-juh-MECK' kuf-tay-SEE') as a finger food. It reminded me just how much I love this recipe and how much I wanted to share it.

It's not only classical Turkish fare, it's delicious, colorful and spicy. A big platter of them looks beautiful on your table and the best part is that they're actually good for you. Move over chips and dip!

Turkish vegetarian meatballs are very easy to make. They combine red lentils, fine bulgur, green onions, parsley, pepper paste and spices to make tender, spicy "meatballs" that are low in fat, and high in fiber and protein. They're just one of those foods that feels good while you're eating them. Your body and your taste buds won't let you stop at just one.

In Turkey, these healthy, tender treats are served up as an appetizer or as a finger food. They're often served at large get-togethers and buffet-style meals, as a large platter is easy to prepare and goes a long way.

Try this recipe for Turkish vegetarian meatballs at your next party, or if you want to keep a plate of healthy snacks in the fridge for busy days.

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