Do You Seek Delicious Ways To Cook With Leeks?

Thursday January 31, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

If you're a leek lover, but bored with leek soup, look no further. Try preparing your fresh leeks the Turkish way.

Turkish cuisine is known for it's cold vegetable dishes served with olive oil that let the taste of the vegetables come through. Braised leeks and carrots in olive oil is one of the most common seasonal vegetable side dishes in Turkey during the winter when leeks are plentiful.

It's served everywhere. You'll find it in family-style restaurants, school and workplace cafeterias and in every home.

This dish will never lose it place as a good-old-standby for home cooks who need a tasty vegetable dish they can whip up fast. Like other cold Turkish vegetables dishes, leeks and carrots are usually served during or right after the main course meal, or eaten on their own with bread as a light lunch.

You can eat them anytime you want to enjoy the delicate flavor of leeks minus the cream, butter and potatoes.

You'll love the delicate, oniony flavor of the leeks combined with the sweetness of the carrots. Once you try this dish, leeks just might become your favorite vegetable!

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