Scramble Your Thoughts About Breakfast With Turkish Eggs and Vegetables

Wednesday February 27, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

If you enjoy eggs for breakfast, you'll love this recipe for Turkish scrambled eggs and vegetables, called "menemen" (men-EH'-men). It's a juicy mix of onions, fresh tomatoes, red and green peppers and spices. Some cooks also add cheese.

You can prepare "menemen" as spicy or mild as you like, just by changing your mix of peppers. Mexican omelets, move over!

I like to preprare "menemen" for Sunday breakfast, together with other classic Turkish breakfast fare like assorted cheeses, olives and fruit preserves. Don't forget the crusty bread to dip in the juice.

The most important ingredient is the tomatoes. They should be good quality and vine-ripened, possible. The better the tomatoes, the sweeter the "menemen."

Try this easy recipe in place of your next veggie omelet and add some Turkish flare to your breakfast table this weekend.

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