Ho-Hum Hummus Out. Turkish Hummus In.

Thursday May 23, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Mmmmmm. Hummus. That delicious Mediterranean paste made of chick peas and tahini that's loved all over the world.

There are so many recipes for hummus out there, and so many ready brands sold in the supermarket, I could never decide which one was my favorite. Until now, that is.

Once you try this recipe for Turkish hummus, you'll get hooked. Turkish hummus is often served warm, topped with crumbled crispy 'pastirma,' a Turkish version of spicy, cured beef.

Try serving hummus Turkish-style at your next party and get ready for the compliments. You can serve it by the spoonful as a 'meze,' or starter, or the Middle Eastern way as a spread for breads or a dip for crackers and vegetables.

You also don't have to serve it warm. This recipe works just as well served room temperature. Just omit the crumbled meat garnish and serve it just as you would any other hummus.

However you choose to eat it, you'll make a great impression with this dish. If you can't find authentic Turkish 'pastirma,' you can substitute dried beef, soft beef jerky or bacon.

Just crisp it up in a frying pan, crumble it and use it to garnish your hummus. The rest will be history.

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