Turkish 'Meze' Made Easy

Wednesday May 29, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine, like many other cuisines of the Mediterranean, is famous for it's endless varieties of delicious 'meze.' A 'meze' dish is similar to an appetizer or starter that's served before the main meal.

The difference is, you never have to choose only one. Traditionally, you eat several courses of hot and cold 'meze' that are so irresistable, you're often too full to eat the main course.

What's more, the selection of 'meze' dishes presented to you are determined according to what you choose for your meal. If you select fish or seafood, you're presented with a completely different line-up of 'meze' than if you choose beef, lamb or chicken.

Either way, you will end up with an array of colorful, tasty appetizers to sample along with some drinks and good conversation.

If you're new to Turkish cuisine, 'meze' can be daunting at first. The sheer number of different dishes presented to you can make choosing difficult.

Until now, that is. To make navigating the world of Turkish 'meze' easier, I've prepared an article called "Your Guide To Turkish 'Meze'" to help.

It gives you all the background about Turkish 'meze' you'll need and lists the most common hot and cold Turkish 'meze' dishes that go with both fish and meat meals.

You'll also find links to recipes and photos that will help you become an expert at the Turkish 'meze' table in no time.

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