Turkish Mac And Cheese Is True Comfort Food

Sunday September 1, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

School is open and fall weather is approaching. It's the perfect time to try new, heartwarming comfort food recipes that your kids and your whole family will love.

What better way to begin than with a new variation on classic macaroni and cheese. In Turkey, an oven-baked version of mac and cheese, called 'firin makarna' (fur-UN' mah-KAR'-nah) is topped with creamy Bechamel sauce and served with a squirt of ketchup on top.

Try this easy recipe for Turkish 'oven pasta' at home. You can really do a lot with this recipe.

It goes a long way as a side dish to any meat or chicken meal. You can also expirment with different mixtures of cheeses and vegetables, sausage, ground beef and chicken to make a complete meal, all in one creamy dish.

My kids love to bring leftovers as a school lunch the next day, too. And it makes a great, warm snack after school. Go ahead and try this Turkish twist on a good old American classic. Your kids, and you, won't regret it.


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