Turkish Pumpkin Pudding Is A Great Way To Use Halloween Pumpkin

Tuesday October 29, 2013

By Elizabeth Taviloglu, Guide for Turkish Food

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. If you're like me, you always wait to put up your decorations, buy the candy and carve your pumpkin until only a few days before October 31st.

It's not that I don't have time. It's that I want my pumpkin to stay fresh so I can use it my favorite recipes!

If you too love foods with pumpkin, try this recipe for Turkish-style pumpkin pudding. It's a great way to use leftover fresh pumpkin, and the whole family will love it.

Pumpkin pudding and other delicious desserts made with milk are some of the most common desserts in Turkish cuisine. I prepare this pudding during the fall and winter when fresh pumpkin is easy to find.

It makes a healthy treat for kids with a taste they'll love. It also works well for buffet entertaining. A lot of pretty dessert cups filled with pumpkin pudding and decorated with ground nuts and currants look lovely on any table.

If you don't have fresh pumpkin on hand you can also used canned. Make sure it's pure pumpkin with no added spices or sugar. You'll be able to achieve a similar pumpkin flavor, but the color of the pudding won't be as delightful as when you use fresh.

Go ahead and try this easy Turkish recipe for pumpkin pudding this Halloween. You'll never go back to plain old vanilla pudding!


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