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i want to show the Accuracy as 100% nomatter the amount is paid more or less

for Example if i have to pay 40 rupees in Cell A1 and i Pay 41 in cell A2 my result will be 110% which i want to show it as only 90.00%

i mean to say both the under paid amount and the extrapaid amount should not cross the 100% accuracy it


I am not clear about your query. If you divide the 41/40 then it will 102.50% and it wont be 110%. So it's something confusing.

As per your criteria if the a2 cell is less than or greater than A1 the Accuracy should be 100%. When taking this into consideration you would like to look whether a1 or a2 is having any number since it doesn't matter whether it is greater than or less than both the cell values.

So use the below formula which will check only whether a1 and a2 cells are having number values and get you the stable value for all cells and format the cell as percentage.


I know that you will laugh because this doesn't have any logic.

I can't able to imagine what you are trying to say exactly. So come with a correct example and picturise your actual problem for my easy understanding.


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