'00 cirrus: windshield defrost slow to work/sometimes no heat

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QUESTION: hi, i got chrysler cirrus 2000, you answer to one of the guys ,"I can send you a few pages from the shop manual that show how to remove the control panel and then how to work on the cable, lever, temp door to resolve the problem. " can you please send me this manual, i got the problem with the heater.

ANSWER: Hi Tamir, Can you tell me more about your problem with the heating? Does the temp lever feel like it is moving something or does it feel detached entirely? Is there any history to the problem? Let me know a postal mailing address that I can use to mail you the pages. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: hi, thanks for your replay, i got 2 problem: 1. when i start the heating some time i got hot air and sometimes no, the temp lever looks like working fine, 2. when i put the heater on the front windows for defroze a very cold air is coming out even of the system is on heating, is that normal for this vehicle ?

regards, Tamir

ANSWER: Hi Tamir, The defrost air that comes out on the windshield is normal. Cold air is better able to remove moisture from the window than hot air because it has less moisture in it and so will not increase the fog that it is trying to remove. In fact when you use defrost position the AC compressor is purposely activated. Once you clear off the fog then put the air lever on one of the cabin heating positions which will turn off the AC compressor and the cold air going to the windshield. On the heat sometimes on some times no, that is not likely an issue with the temperature (blend) door. I suggest that you compare the temperature of the two hoses that pass through the firewall from the engine compartment to the cabin. They should feel about the same temperature. If one noticeably cooler than the other then you may have low coolant level in the system, or air trapped in heater core such that hot coolant is not flowing through the heater core. To check the function of the temperature door which controls the amount of heat take a look under the dash at the lower side of the AC/heater unit and at the center of that unit directly above the center 'tunnel' of the floor you should see a lever move back and forth as you move the temp lever at the control panel back and forth. If that is happening then I believe the door will be functioning properly. Pleae 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Thanks, ill check evreything u suggested, Do you know what I can do with the defroze, because when I turn it on its freezing in the car and I meet to leave it on if I want to see something on the front windows, some car when you use the defroze for the front window will blow out hot air if the a.c. system is on heat position.

Regards, Tamir


The problem may be that the air distribution is not proper. In the defrost position the majority of the air is supposed to go on the windshield only, once you accomplish the task of removing the fog from the windshield you should switch the air to go to one of the positions that also sends air to the cabin, and you should also notice that the AC compressor falls silent in the engine compartment. It may be that you have a coolant leak in the air/heat/ac distribution unit and when that happens there will be excessive moisture in the air that goes to the windshield. Are you loosing coolant from the system? Is the floor rug under the unit damp? Does the compressor stop when you turn off the defrost, which it should do? Those would be clues to that is the cause of your inability to quickly defrost the windshield or why you sometimes don't get heat. So check out those possibilities. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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