'00 dodge intrepid heat control

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QUESTION: I cannot get heat to come out of the cabin air vents. The engine temp is fine and there is lots of coolant. Fan speed is good. A/C good. Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hi Mark, There is a temp control door that is operated by an electric actuator. The door may be stuck or the actuator dead. Tell me the year of the vehicle and the type of control panel (conventional of automatic temp control?) so I can give you the details. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: iT IS A 2000 with manual control

ANSWER: Hi Mark, First try a self-calibration of the doors/self-diagnosis of the unit. Start the engine, turn on the fan, set temp to full cold, set mode to defrost position, the ac can be on or off as you choose. Press and hold the rear window defrost button until the odometer window of the cluster changes to show 'AC00', the body control will chime once, lights on the control panel will start to blink. Then release the rear window defrost button. Wait until the lights stop blinking which means the self-calibration is over. Then look at the odometer to see what it shows such as AC followed by a 2-digit number. If one shows, note it, and then press the 'ac' button to see if any more codes appear. Then try out the unit and see if you have temp control and/or tell me if any "AC 2-digit numbers" appeared in the odometer window. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: The heat did not flow and I received two codes AC 00 and AC 23


Hi Mark, The 00 code is not relevant (just shows you got the diagnosis started OK) but the 23 code says that the temp door actuator is not functioning properly. If you will remove the panels that run along the lower edge of the dash on both the left and right sides of the center you will have better visual access to the underside of the HVAC Unit. On the left side of the center you will see two round devices with electrical plugs and the one that is forward (toward the firewall) is the blend (temp) door actuator. Go in from the right side and remove 2 of its screws that are accessible from there, and then the one remaining screw is accessible from the left side. Disconnect the plug (probably lift a tab on the edge) then pull actuator straight down to remove the actuator. Note the position of the connection between the actuator and the socket above it so you can refit later. Try rotating the socket which is attached to the hidden blend door with a tool similar to the actuator shaft to sense that it is rotating back and forth easily and if it is then buy a new actuator (or get one from a similar year vehicle at a wrecking yard) and install it. Do the calibration that I described earlier, and then see if the system is giving you the variable temps. PS Please 'rate' my answer (see below) as I am competing for recognition at Allexperts including to be 'volunteer of the month'. Thanks, Roland


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