'01 sebring 2.7 major issue: code 0601

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QUESTION: Hello! I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible 2.7 that is having issues. We just recently replaced the starter, less than two months ago. My husband was driving home from work and the car literally just died while driving down the road. We ran our diagnostics on it and it is giving me 4 codes, P0700, P0725, P0601 and P1495. I am wondering if all these codes can be related to one part or if they are all seperate issues? I have pulled up all the codes and they are as follows: P0700 : Automatic Transmission Control System Malfunction P0725 : Engine Speed Input Circuit P0601 : Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error P1495 : Leak Detection Pump Solenoid Circuit

Any information you can give me on this would be GREATLY appreciated! Leora

ANSWER: Hi Leora, The 0601 is what shut down the engine as it means that the engine controller module has failed. The only option is to replace it. The process is straight forward, plug and play. The only wrinkle to get it running will be if you have Sentry Key Immobilizer system (where the ignition key has a bulge in its handle) as that does have to be programmed into the new module or it will not recognize your key. That has to be done at a shop that has the diagnostic box to do that programming... a dealer, an independent shop perhaps, a locksmith perhaps. So if you do then you will want to get that done before you install it, otherwise the car will have to be towed in to do it. If you don't have that SKIM system then the car should start up without any programming needed. You might want to get the mileage reading and the VIN number programmed into the new controller but that can happen later as you choose. The other codes are an issue, but would have nothing to do with the shut down, and would not prevent the engine from running again. Please 'rate' may answer (see below). I am tied to be recognized as the 'volunteer of the month' at Allexperts, and that contest ends in 2 hours. If you would be so kind as to give a 'yes' response in the rating where you see the question about that nomination I would be so appreciative. Roland

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QUESTION: Ok, I appreciate your response. Is there anyway that you could explain to me the meaning and the solution of the other codes?

ANSWER: Hi Leora, Yes, the 0700 and 0725 are a pair, the first just a 'cover' code to say there is another specific code about the transmission, e.g. the 0725. The 0725 says the the input speed sensor signal (basically the info about how fast the torque coverter output shaft is spinning where it enters the transmission) is not being received by the powertrain controller. It might be that code was recorded around the time that the controller failed so I would wait until you have the engine running again, then see if the code pops up again or not. I can give you the wire colors/connections for the sensor and for the connection from trans controller to the engine controller. The same may be the case for the 1495. It says that there is a problem with the electrical circuit that operates a pump which is part of the gas fume control system which is an anti-pollution requirement. I can give you the wiring assignment for that if your husband want to be sure that the 'solenoid' wiring is ok. It is is then the pump itself could be the problem. But again, wait for the controller to be replaced. The pump is located atop the fuel tank so it has to be checked out from underneath the vehicle at the rear. Thanks so much for your nomination based upon my first answer. You are entitled to do it agian for this answer if it merits that in your view. Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Thank you! I would definitely like the wiring layouts.


Hi Leora, I have them digitally for the '04 so I will copy those and attach them to an email that I send to you directly. To do that I need to know your email address which Allexperts doesn't share with the experts. So send me a new question and tell me the address in the question area. Then check the box to make the question PRIVATE for otherwise it will be automatically erased from the question. The only earlier wirings I have are for the '03 but those are hard copy and would need to be xeroxed and postal mailed. Your husband verify the wire color of what I will email you and if found to be the same then he can check for opens, shorts, in the wiring. Roland Thanks again for your nominations.


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