'01 sebring won't shift to high gear: code 0700

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The car is a sedan,LXi...transmission-4 speed auto,41tE..The engine light came on.shortly after it wwould not shift into hi gear..I read your article and the malfunction indicator code was P0700... I looked that up and it was listed under coupe as "Transaxle or Transmission control systems malfunction" Is there a next step I can take ??? Thanks Chris


Hi Chris, If the way you got the 0700 code was via the ignition switch rotational approach, then there is no doubt a very specific second code stored in the transmission control module that is accessible only by means of a plug-in code reader. Nationwide autoparts stores, such as Autozone, will often do that readout for free or an independent shop will do it for around $40. So find out that other code, get the number, ask what it means, what they recommend to do, and what it might cost. Then send me a follow-up question telling my what you learned and we'll go from there. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

PS Thanks for the report about replacing the tcm. I should have mentioned that if no other code shows up after query via a plug-in reader then indeed the tcm may be faulty. The 0700 code will appear either alone or in company with another code, and when it stands alone that does point to the tcn as the problem. Thanks for the rating and nomination.


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