'02 chrysler atc blend door code 23

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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Chrysler 300M V6 3.5 L. I have atc codes 23 {blend door actuator feedback failure} and 32 {blend door actuator stall failure}come up. I have replaced the blend door actuator {what a pain}. I had removed the negative battery connection to clear codes. Before replacing the ducting and glove box I decided to do a check. After all that work I still get codes 23 and 32. What is the next step?

ANSWER: Hi Mike, The next step would be to very the connection wires; Dark blue/red pin 1 goes to pin 3 of the gray plug at the body control module which is located under the dash on the rear side of the fuse block. Dark blue/gray pin 2 goes to pin 8 of the gray plug at the BCM Red/white pin 3 goes to pin 1 of the black plug at the BCM Pink/dark blue pin 4 goes to pin 15 at the black plug at the BCM and should show 5V when the ignition switch is 'on' Brown/white pin 5 goes to pin 10 of the gray plug at the BCM I would hope that you will find a problem that solves the issue. Roland PS Sorry for the delay in responding but I just found your question in the 'pool' to which it had been referred by Kevin.

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QUESTION: This work was beyond my capabilities. So took it to my mechanic. He performed many electrical tests. He said it looks like it may have something to do with the Body Control Modual. He mensioned this work must be performed by the dealer due to the fact that it will need to be reprogramed by them.


Hi Mike, I don't believe that any programing of the control module will be needed because it is not a programable device. If all the wires were verified to be connected, and you have a new actuator, the two things to try would first: try to calibrate the unit by turning it on and run the engine, then set the control for full cold for two minutes, then set it for full hot for 5 minutes. If that doesn't work then second, you might go back in and test the motion of the door to be sure it isn't bound up in its motion. Roland


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