'02 pt cruiser. code 340

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I replaced the cam sensor tried starting the car to see the camshaft it didn't work so started to replace the timing belt but it was in tact when I tried starting to see the timing belt move the bottom moves but not the top or the cam I am stuck please help. thank you Tracy


Hi Tracy, When you say "the bottom moves" what is it that you see is moving? The timing belt is one continuous loop so there is no way that the "bottom" can move without the 'top' also moving. May be you are seeing the sprocket of the crankshaft moving which of course it will because the starter motor turns the crankshaft. But it it were turning and the timing belt were still intact then the timing belt has come off of the cranksprocket (but why?). Look again because either the belt has broken or it has come 'off the track' as it were and is simply hanging there. The O340 will be caused by a broken/off the track belt, so this is a reasonable explanation of that code. Roland


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