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QUESTION: Hi Roland,

2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

I have a actuator problem with the air flow. This past winter, a mechanic set it to the heat position, because the system would only blow cold. He replaced the main dash control board because it had issues and then found the actuator problem (said it had broken teeth" . It's now getting hot here in the south and I need my air back. Where is this located and how do I change it back?


ANSWER: Hi Kim, The air temp is controlled by the 'blend air door'. Its actuator is located on the underside of the unit in the center of the unit. It has a 5-wire natural color plug if the actuator is still there. You will see once the actuator is removed (remove screws) a round piece with internal splines which it mated to the actuator spline. Rotate the round piece to the other end of its range of motion to direct the air away from the heater core. To reach it you would remove the 'hush panel' on the passenger side under dash. If the actuator slines are broken but the round piece that attaches to the door proper is OK and the door moves freely then you could get a new actuator and get the system working properly again. But if the door is bound up or the slines on it are broken then you will just be in the position to move it by hand in the future, unless you want to go to the large job of removing the entire unit from under the dash to replace the blend door itself. Roland

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QUESTION: Hi Roland, I removed the hush panel and found a natural colored switch that I can move by hand. In the position it's in, I get heat. If I move it, I get cooled air, but when I release it, It flips back to the heat position when the fan is blowing. It seems that this switch with a post/nipple is out of place. Should this be in the top of the actuator itself?


Hi Kim, The door spline and the splined nipple of course fit together in only one position of rotation, the door being rotatable by hand the actuator being moved by voltage supplied by the control panel. If both are working properly, you should be able to mate the splines pieces together and then attach the actuator body to the underside of the HVAC unit. If the acturator is working you should be able to plug it in turn on the heater/ac panel and then watch the spline rotate as you move your temp request from from harm to cold and back. If that doesn't happen then it would seem the actuator is bad and needs to be replaced, or possibly the connection between the body computer and the actuator is 'open' or between the control panel and the body computer is 'open'.

Because I don't know the history of this and exactly what the mechanic did originally there is not much more that I can suggest. If the door moves freely through a range of motion then probably replacing the actuator may restore the normal function of your system if it doesn't appear to respond as described above. But also inspect the wires for any sign of damage. Also check fuses 6 and 11 in the dash fuse box. 

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