'04 pacifica: oxygen sensor code

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Hi Roland i was just reading Casey report on her 04 Chrysler Pacifica and well i have had the same exact problems with mine wich is a 2004 chrysler pacifica with a 3.5 liter engine and well mine also came up with codes for the O2 censor so i replaced them both and as well my car was fine for about a day and started acting up again i then bought electrical cleaner, mass airflow cleaner, and carb cleaner. I then cleaned my intake out with carb cleaner and the mass airflow censor with its cleaner as well,i also got my IAC valve cleaned it as well as the TPS censor with the electrical cleaner and again light turned off and car ran great for about 3 hours then light turned back on so i eleminated my caytilatic converter and same thing fine for a bit then out again im getting frustrated with it and still the engine light gives the code for my O2 censor so im in a little bind with the car and im wondering what should be replaced next i left my e mail if you can help i would appreciate it


Hi Ronnie, It may well be that one of the eight wires attached to the two sensors is open or shorted to ground or shorted to another wire. The best thing to do is to check all wires to make sure they are connected to the proper pins of the powertrain control module plug, to check that they aren't shorted together, and finally that it read 12V for the heater wires when the ignition switch is in the run position. You can do this with a volt-ohm meter. I can send you the page from the wiring diagrams that shows you the wiring connections, as an attachment to an email. But because you didn't check the box to make your question PRIVATE that address was automatically erased from your question. So send me a followup and again put the address in the text, but this time check the PRIVATE box so I get it. I would believe the code you are getting but it apparently is not the sensor but rather the wiring to is that is causing the problem. Do tell me the code number if you have it and also which engine size (L). Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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