'04 sebring: door check strap

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Saw your comment on replacing the check strap:

You must mean the check strap (which prevents the door from opening too far. That would require removing the trim panel to get inside to remove it/replace it. I can xerox a page from the manual and postal mail that to you. Just give me a postal mailing address. Roland My mailing address is 112 W. Manta CV

                     Savannah, GA 31410



Hi Dave, I will do that, or if you like, ask me a 'private' follow-up question and I'll send the info attached to an email directly to you. Tell me your email address in the text of the question (I don't routinely get that from the Allexperts site) and then check the box to make it a PRIVATE question. Also, remind me is this a 4 dr sedan, coupe or a convertible? Let me know which way you want me to send the info. The email will be faster, of course. Roland PS Please rate my answer, thanks.


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