'08 t & c: remote unlock flashes parking lamps?

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QUESTION: I believe my Town and Country TAIL LIGHTS use to blink when using the remote lock/unlock key. They don't now. Should they, and if so what may be the problem. I don't find a fuse to identify with this problem

ANSWER: Hi Roy, I only have manuals through 2006, but I wonder if the tail lights might not be working. Were that the case it would be fuses or a relay. There are two fuses, # 2 and # 3 that power one side of the parking lamp circuits each. There is a parking lamp relay that sends power to both fuses. So verify that the parking lamps are working would be my suggestion. If the lamp works and the remove doesn't and should make them blink, then it would be internal to the body computer, I believe but would wonder if it is so important that they do blink?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry that I didn't explain: Tail and brake lights function properly. Only problem is like when looking for the car in a lot of others, and activating the unlock with the remote control, the horn blows,the headlights flash on, but the tail lights do not flash, as they use to


In the '06 manual it doesn't mention the tail lights flashing, but it does suggest that the interior courtesy lights should light up. Do yours do that? If you press it a second time then all the doors unlock, not just the drivers door lock. Try that too. About all I can suggest is that you could try for a fault code readout to see if the body computer has recognized there to be a problem. Also, you might try a fresh battery in the remote. Finally, might it be possible that there is a choice that you can choose to flash the lights, and somehow it has been de-selected? Let me know if you learn a trick about this situation.


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