'93 imperial rack & pinion removal & installation

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I am attempting to replace the rack & pinion steering bar on a 1993 Chrysler Imperial.

All securing bolts have been removed and it is ready for removal with the exception of the steering box.

There is a rubber boot that covers the shaft where the steering box shaft meets the steering column shaft and we can't see or determine what is securing the shafts together in order to remove the old one and replace it with the new one.

I have scoured the internet and can find no illustrations, charts or videos on how to unsecure and re-secure the steering shaft.

Can you provide any guidance on this subject? We have everything else figured out - but can't seem to figure out this one particular area.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kenny Newby


Hi Kenny, I have the Haynes 25020 manual for that model. On pages 10-14 and 10-15 the procedure for removing the gear are described and illustrated. You might find a copy at a local library. Basically, with car supported on jack stands you remove the tie rod ends. Then you support the crossmember on a jack, then remove the bolts that hold the chassis crossmember to the body. Then you lower the jack and crossmember far enough to gain access to the U-joint between the input shaft of the steering gear and the intermediate shaft of the steering column. Remove the boot that protects the u-joint. Mark the relationship between the u-joint and the steering shaft for proper install and reconnect later. Remove the pinch bolt from the u-joint. Lower the cross member a little further to separate the u-joint from the intermediate shaft of the column, the u-joint is supposed to stay with the steering gear. Then you disconnect all the lines and steering gear mounting bolts from the crossmember and with draw the gear from the left side of the vehicle. Install is the reverse. Use new o-rings on the fluid connections. After you have the u-joint reconnected and the boot on, then you reinstall the cross-member bolts, start with the rear right nut which is the alignment point for the cross-member, and tighten all. I hope this is helpful to you. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

PS I found in the '91 Chrysler service manual that if there is an engine damper strut attached to the crossmember you should disconnect that before lowering the crossmember. An assistant will be needed in the cabin to help align the column to the u-joint when you reassemble. Also, on reassembly be sure the crossmember bolts are tightened to 90 foot-pounds, and as I said start with the right rear bolt and tighten it first as it is the alignment position. Tighten the bolts attaching the gear to the crossmember to 50 foot-pounds.


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