'94 lebaron: interior lights won't shut off

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QUESTION: I have a 1994 chrysler labaron v6 engine. The interior lights will not shut off unless i pull the fuse. The light switch is not on. I also checked the door switches. They are not stuck.

ANSWER: Hi Larry, The courtesy lights are activated by either the headlamp switch or by opening either door. In my experience and that of other LeBaron owners the most common reason for the lights staying on is that a door is not secured tightly against the door frame which allows the switch to extend far enough to simulate the door being truly open. So I would believe that if you stand outside the car and push both of the doors inward, one at a time, that you will notice the lights turn off. Then move the latch striker mounted in that door's frame inward a sufficient amount to secure the door more tightly enough that it then turns off the lights. Let me know if this is not the case. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Thanks!! I checked the doors the passenger rear door was the problem. I wlll adjust. My cruise does not work. I took apart the switch and I have power at the switch.


OK, so this is a 4-door sedan, but in any case I am glad you found the cause of the lights being 'on'. On the cruise control, I would start by verifying that all 4 wires of the clock spring are patent. The black/red wire shows 12v and that is for the horn relay activation coil, and the whtie/red also shows 12v and is from fuse 7 and that is for the cruise control circuit. The red/light green and the yellow/red are the signaling wires for the cruise controller. So verify all 4 wires associated with the clockspring show continuity between the sockets of the clockspring proper. A break in one of the wires inside the clockspring may explain why you have no cruise control. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Roland


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