'98 minivan dohc 2.4l,: no start

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Went to start the van (218K miles on car)last night, it started then died quickly, now it just turns over but won't start. I checked two fuses under the hood, one I can see is OK but the other is a black plastic box which I can't tell anything about. On SS and have very little money and also not a mechanic. Please help....


Hi Ed, I doubt it is just a fuse, but in any case there is a fuse box in the engine compartment on the driver side near the fender, and then behind it is an engine controller module which has fins but doesn't have any fused in it. There is a secondary fuse box in the cabin under the dash on the driver side too. When the engine starts and dies after a few seconds that is often a sign that the anti-theft system is still 'armed'. If you have that system, did you try to disarm it by using the door key on the passenger door? Try turning the key to the lock direction and then immediately the unlock direction and then try to start it. There is on-board a self-diagnostic capability where if there is a problem that the engien control module senses it puts a fault code in it memory. In the '98 model year to find out about fault codes you have to have plug-in code reader that fits a socket under the dash next to the steering column. If you have a friend/neighbor with s plug in code reader that would be the least expensive way to get the code. Otherwise you might check at parts stores nearby to see what it would cost to buy (or perhaps rent?) such a reader. Get the code and let me know and I can tell you what it means and how to fix. I would not spend any money on parts until I had the fault code. So first try the door lock routine, then the fault code readout. Roland


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