'98 sebring: dies while driving/recovers quickly

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my 1998 chrysler sebring every so often it dies while driving it. wont start back for about 10 min. has new fuel pump.


Hi Jennifer, That symptom is usually indicative of one of the two engine rotational position sensors beginning to fail. To find out which one it is the best thing to do is get a readout of the engine controller memory for the presence of fault codes that would tell us which. A nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone, will often do that for free, or an independent garage should do it for under $40. Ask for the specific 4-digit fault code(s), what they mean, what is recommended, and at what cost. Then send me a follow-up question telling me the results of your inquiry and we can compare notes with the manual and go from there. Tell me which body style Sebring you have, and which size engine (L). If you have the 2.5L V-6 one sensor is in the distributor which is an expensive part to replace ($200-300 for the distributor, but not much shop time), but it may be possible to obtain just the sensor and intall it in the existing distributor, and then the cost would be much less for the part ($25). The other is located at the engine/transmission interface on the back side and is more expensive (~$75 but similarly quick to install). The former has fault code #0340, the latter is #0320. So if you have the 0340 code it would be very important to try the sensor-only replacement route rather than to buy a new distributor.


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