'99 sebring convertible: blows fuse

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QUESTION: My sebring keeps blowing a fuse under the hood when attempting to start. It's the starter, ignition and fuel pump fuse. The first time it happened it set the alarm off as soon as I opened the door before I tried to start it. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the BCM?

ANSWER: Hi Rob, Let me check the wiring diagrams and be right back with the answer. Roland

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QUESTION: Sure, thank you.

ANSWER: I just sent the answer as a revision to the first question.

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QUESTION: The fuel pump kicks on, and now it's not blowing a fuse or starting. I already had the battery checked and it was in great condition. Could it possibly be the alternator or starter?


Hi Rob, If by "not starting" you mean that the starter motor is not responding to the key, then there is an issue with the starting circuit. If the battery is known to be good now, then it is not the alternator (did the charge warning light ever show while you were driving it, if not then that would also suggest nothing is wrong with the alternator). As to the starter circuit, when you try the key to the start position, do you hear the loud click from the starter solenoid switch? If not, then have a helper try the key while you check inside the power box under the hood, in the rear section where the starter relay is foward/outboard relay in that rear section, to see if the starter relay does click when the helper tries to start it. It will be a soft click so listen/feel the relay. If it doesn't click then there is an issue with the relay or the position of the shift lever is not centered on P or N, or the wiring between those, or fuse 8 has blown. If it does click then the brown wire that goes from the relay's pin that is most outboard in the relay socket and goes to the starter solenoid switch may be broken/shorting to ground which would cause the fuse to blow (so check that wire for whether it is open/shorted), or finally the solenoid switch on the starter could be open/shorting to ground. Keep your eye on fuse 8 to note if/when it blows. The reason it is not blowing yet is possibly because the solenoid switch on the motor proper may be faulty when it does work. You could try tapping with a hammer (while the helper uses the key) on the side of the starter and on the side of the solenoid mounted on the starter to see if you can 'jar' it into action or blow the fuse. If it blew the fuse then that would be a good indication that you need to get the starter rebuilt. Thanks for the rating and nomination. Thanks, Roland


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