'99 t&c going into vehicle theft system lock down

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I have a 1999 chrysler T&C mini van. For some reason, mine has mixed parts "from the factory" 1998 & 1999? However is was sold as a 1999. Every now and then, when I go to start it, it goes into lock down mode and will not reset itself for 24 hours. Lately when I start it, I watch for the security light to go out before I try to start it. Today I went out to start it and it went right into security mode and turned off the engine. I tried going to the drivers door and turning the key forward etc. That doesn't work. A while back I changed the BCM as I had a problem with that. It was working after I installed that. There has to be a way to disable it so I can restart it. I also have factory remote locking system. I am a wheelchair bound paraplegic and don't want to get stuck some place. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks


Hi Dave, Have you tried the key lock/unlock approach at the passenger's door or at the liftgate lock? That is supposed to work the same way as the driver's door. Also replace the battery in the remote and see it that will disarm the theft security system. The best and only way to disable this system is to never use it. By that I mean: do not use the power door lock switches to secure the vehicle, do not use the remote to secure the vehicle, do not use the key in the door lock cylinder on either front door or liftgate to secure the vehicle, ONLY lock the doors by using the mechanical push-botton door locks on the inside of the doors to secure the vehicle. The anti-theft system is intergrated into the bcm and has no shut-off option. Sorry to suggest that approach but it is the only way to stop being prevented from getting the engine to run. But in years past, before these systems, we survived! It is possible to find the present wiring problem (using the Chrysler dealer diagnostic readout box to question the bcm), but the cost and future uncertainty of maintaining the system is such that the best approach would be to never invoke the theft security system. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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