05 pacifica blower motor

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Ok Roland, everything is reading ok as far as the voltage across the power module and the fuse. Relay is working and I hear it clicking too. The strange phenomenon that I am experiencing now is that when I jump 12v from the battery directly to the 2-wire motor connector, the blower motor runs as expected in high only. Sounds normal too. After the fan is running i take the jumper off and connect the 2-wire back to the module. The fan will operate as normal through all speeds and modes. I can turn the car off and back on and the fan blower still works. I've run to the store and had the car off for and hour or two and it works when it is started back up as well. But when the car sits for more than 3-4 hours without running, the fan blower will not work when the car is turned back on. I have to jumper it again to get it working, reconnect the 2-wire, runs the same as stated above until the car is turned off after an extended period of time. Repeated this process several days in a row. Might replace blower motor to see if this resolves the issue. Please let me know what you think.


When in the refusal to operate mode, check for voltage output at the power module. If you have it, then the motor is likely going 'open' when it cools down. You might try spraying some electrical contact cleaner on the armature/brush of the motor. If you don't have power at the module, then it is similarly an intermittent in the module, or the blower motor relay contacts, or fuse 42 or 45. So see which is going on before buying anything. Roland


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