120/240 sub panel wiring

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I have a Square D 60 A 3 circuit/3 space enclosed panelboard. I want to install 1 15 AMP DPST and 1 15 AMP SPST breaker in it to feed respectively 1 15 AMP 240v duplex outlet (for 2 x's 1000 w lighting ballast and 1 15 AMP 120v duplex outlet #for 5,200 BTU AC and an oscillating fan). The sub panel is to be run by splicing in from an existing feed to a baseboard heater (heater is unused, to be disconnected). The feed is from the main breaker box in another part of the house and is 30 AMP 240v breaker. I have 4 incoming wires from the main panel - 1 black, 1 red, 1 white, 1 green/bare. I understand what they are as far as the red/black hot, white neutral, and ground. My question is the panelboard I am using has 1 separate lug for each of the 3 circuit spaces. As it is wired now (pre-install) I have the red wire feeding the 15 AMP/120v SPST breaker and the black wire feeding one side of the 15 AMP/220v DPST breaker- do I use a short length of wire to jump the red wire from the SPST to the other lug of the DPST to complete the 240v circuit (one side black, one side red and the same red feeding the SPST?) Or do I need a different type of panelboard or breaker? Or Just "?" I can provide a photo if needed. Thanks so much for considering my questions.


If you look carefully at the connection points for the breakers, every other one is the opposite lugs bar. That way just installing a double pole breaker connects it to both 120 volt circuits and will provide 240 volts total. A single breaker will install on one or the other legs depending on its installation location. Thanks J


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