1990 cadillac deville insturment panel

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Hello I have a 1990 Cadillac Deville. I just bought this vehicle and it has very low miles and is very clean. It reads liters and Celsius instead of gallons and Fahrenheit. I know I was told there was a e/m button to switch it but I have looked for two days and I can not find one anywhere. Is there a way to change it over without the button? Also my 25 amp fuse for the instrument cluster (including the speedometer, fuel center and ac/heat controls) keeps poping on me. I do not understand what the problem is because some days I can replace it and it doesn't go out for hours and other days it pops as soon as I change the old one. All help on these two questions is very appreciated. thank you Monte flemmings



Its been so long (20 years) since I owned one of these, but the E/M switch should be a push button on the cluster which operates like a tripometer. I remember it being on the right hand side of the cluster. A black button with white writing. If the owners manual is in the glove box, it will show you where it is.

As for your fuse issue, do not what ever you do put a larger rated fuse because you will have a fire. I think this car is too old, but you can check at http://www.alldata.com to see if you can find the car, pay $30 for a one year download and get the factory service manual. If not, you will have to try Craigslist or Ebay. You need the factory service manual and nothing else to find out what all is on that circuit and you will need to eliminate things on that circuit until the fuse doesn't blow for you to find the actual problem.

Electrical problems can be very simple and they can be very complicated. Even if you send it out for repair, you will most likely need to let the tech use the manual because chances are that they don't have manuals for 20 year old cars. Any manual you find in the book store is too general for this and you need to look at the exact schematics and diagnostic flow charts for the specific vehicle.



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