1991 cadillac eldorado

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i have a 1991 cadillac eldorado that keeps cutting off while im driving or sitting at a light. i would have to let it sit for about 2 hours before being able to drive it again. im okay maybe at short distances. can you tell me why.i first was told i needed a valve cover gasket then i was told that i needed a distributor



I can't see how a valve cover gasket that prevents oil from leaking from the valve cover would have anything to do with the running or not running. The distributor does what it says, it distributes spark, however a distributor problem generally will not give you the symptoms you are referring to. The biggest problem is that everyone has an opinion as to what may or may not be causing a drivability problem. The thing about it, is more often that not, the information is totally wrong and in some cases when people use this information to fix their car, they commonly ust replaced a perfectly good part and still have the same problem. Free advice which costs nothing is worth just that, nothing.

This economy sucks and I realize people are doing everything they can to repair their car by themselves. I appreciate that. There are far to many things that can be causing your symptom. It can be fuel delivery electric or electronic and guessing will cost you frustration and money. Your description would lead me to think the problem is electronic, that once heated up, stalls the engine which could be a module of some sort under the hood. It could also be a computer problem. Whatever you do DON'T go to a dealer. Find a service center in your area. The nice thing is that the problem with diagnostic equipment can be detected easy enough because this is easy to replicate for a technician.

You may pay an hour for diagnostic time, but the you know exactly what the problem is and it can be repaired.

Good luck!



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