1991 plymouth voyager: no start

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our check engine light has been coming on, especially when cold but would turn off until recently.we noticed that the speedometer was not working when check engine light was on.now we have turned the van off and it will not start. engine turns over but no ignition. we ran the check engine computer diagnostic bit and came up with the codes 12 and 15 which is apparently the speed sensor.would this make our van not start? it sure seems like a fuel pump issue?


The speed sensor has nothing to do with a no start problem. Do you hear the fuel pump hum from inside the tank when you turn the key to the 'run' position? It normally will do that for 1 second and then cut off, until you start cranking it over when it will hum again but you may not be able to hear it over the noise of the starter motor. So listen outside at the rear near the tank for the 1 second hum.. Let me know that answer, and tell me which engine you have. Have you checked the fuses? Do you have spark? Please 'rate' my answer (see below) Thanks, Roland


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